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Technical innovation is chosen by national broadcast syndicator for integration solutions

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016

The national radio broadcast program producer and syndicator announced in August 2015 its acquisition and build-out of a new live facility to house its corporate offices, entertainment and film operations, and a network broadcast operations center. Designed for maximum flexibility and growth, the plant boasts digital radio broadcast studios, voice over studios, production rooms, digital edit rooms, radio and television production control rooms, and a television sound stage.

Since the company has been experimenting with a live HD video production of “The Kim Komando Show,” WestStar required a facility capable of marketing television, video, and motion picture production in addition to radio. TI’s Broadcast Solutions Group worked directly with Barry Young, President and CEO of WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, who provided input, insight, and feedback in order to establish design guidelines for the desired flexible media production facility.

“We believe that nothing less than a full digital HD video production, suitable to network and broadcast syndication, is appropriate for an established benchmark program such as ‘The Kim Komando Show,’” said Young. “That level of production, together with future projects still under wraps, is not possible with anything less than a major league production facility such as the one we are building here in Phoenix.”

“The new facility now has centralized network storage which will provide the ability to manage media assets, optimize workflows, and provide an efficient mechanism for sharing media within the facility,” explains Kevin Garguilo, Director of Strategic and Key Accounts, TI Broadcast Solutions Group. “The system implemented by Technical Innovation supports switching, monitoring, recording, and distribution of any show or interview performed in the studio. The implementation of these core technologies and philosophies will create a television media production facility that increases productivity and provides flexibility while streamlining workflows.”

TI Broadcast Solutions Group used vendors such as Plura Broadcast, Sony, Harmonic, Grass Valley and Chyron, among others, to create the Production Control Room and Machine Room (Technical Core), as well as studio and lobby pictures and signage. The media production facility is now able to produce high-end polished content, producing live interviews, VIP accessibility and an enhanced web enterprise.

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The landscape of the media business is changing at an exponential pace. Evolving business models, new technologies and a generation of TV anywhere consumers are in motion, demanding that you adapt. Technical Innovation Broadcast Solutions Group helps broadcasters and television service providers solve their most vexing problems, helping many of the world’s most influential companies develop new workflows and outsourcing solutions. TI’s projects have enhanced companies such as Denali Media Holdings/ KTVA-11 and Primerica. They are experts at new facility programming and planning. When it’s time to build, their clients come back time and again to “experience the difference” of their exclusive Jet Stream Total Program Management® approach, where they say “worry early and worry often” to ensure a successful project.

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