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TubeMogul Debuts Cross-Channel Viewability Solution for Mobile and Connected TV Ad Formats

Monday, Sep 21, 2015

Today, TubeMogul, a leading enterprise software company for brand advertising, introduced an interim solution to enable advertisers to measure viewability metrics across premium broadcast-quality mobile app publishers and connected TV ad formats, gaining holistic insights across their entire media buy.

On May 4th 2015, the MRC issued interim guidance on mobile web and mobile app viewability requirements, recommending that 50% of the video's pixels must be in view for at least two consecutive seconds. However, despite some adoption of mobile viewability measurement technologies, other highly viewable mobile inventory from top-tier publishers remains unmeasurable.

In order to ensure advertisers are not discouraged by a lack of standardized measurement from purchasing premium mobile inventory, TubeMogul will automatically count, with a statistical adjustment, impressions from certified broadcast-quality premium partners as viewable once the 25% completion point is reached.

"A lot of highly viewable premium TV-centric mobile in-app inventory has been unfairly grouped with problem actors in the industry. Unfortunately, some buyers have thrown the baby out with the bath water just because there is no formalized measurement. This stop-gap reporting solution benefits advertisers by allowing them to compare different formats across multiple channels," said Jason Lopatecki, TubeMogul's Chief Strategy Officer.

Lopatecki added: "We will launch the first scalable cross-channel viewability solution because we don't want our clients to wait until the industry aligns on a standard. It's the same reason why we launched OpenVV over two years ago to help accelerate the adoption of desktop viewability standards."

The solution extends TubeMogul's viewability metrics – including total count of viewable impressions, count of viewability-enabled impressions, viewability rate, vCPM, and viewable-completion rate – across three mobile video units and 0:15- and 0:30-second connected TV ad formats. Initial tests show viewability rates from 70-90% for inventory purchased directly from publishers.

Mobile video ad behavior differs significantly from desktop, as the vast majority of mobile video ad executions expand to full screen when initiated and play with the sound on. Only a single mobile video execution can play at a given time, minimizing the potential for suspicious traffic.

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