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Turk Telekom, EcoNet / MediaTek and QuantWiFi team up to update Turk Telekom VDSL gateways

Friday, Oct 04, 2019

EcoNet, a subsidiary of MediaTek, in partnership with QuantWiFi and Turk Telekom, today announced an intelligent solution to effectively manage wireless home networks. As a result, the Wi-Fi connectivity problems of Turk Telekom subscribers will be identified in real time and subsequent corrective actions will be taken. Turk Telekom will continue to engage with subscribers to enjoy the best multimedia services with high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity adapted to the home of each consumer, through proactive remote supervision and management.

Ali Sayinta, CEO of QuantWiFi, said: "We have successfully developed the EcoNet dual band VDSL gateway with the QuantWiFi solution for Turk Telekom, where we can quantify the benefits of using the 5 GHz band and extract maximum efficiency of bandwidth Our solution measures Wi-Fi performance between the VDSL gateway and associated clients, and makes decisions on link quality based on the performance of Wi-Fi service quality metrics. This allows high accuracy in the identification and resolution of Wi-Fi problems, unlike existing solutions. "

"We are excited to expand our collaboration with Turk Telekom with the dual band VDSL gateway after provisioning Turk Telekom Home Gateway since 2018. The wireless performance of this new platform is fully quantified and guaranteed by QuantWiFi, as a demonstration of our commitment I continue with the quality and reliability of our products and services for Turk Telekom, "said Chang-Ching Wu , vice president of sales and marketing for EcoNet.

"We, like Turk Telekom, are proud to be part of this collaboration. This also shows that, together with EcoNet, MediaTek and QuantWiFi, Turk Telekom is fully committed to providing the best solution for our subscribers at the best prices," Zafer said. Catmakas, director of consumer devices and device management systems, Turk Telekom.

QuantWiFi performance with the EcoNet VDSL gateway has been fully tested. In a nutshell, Turk Telekom, EcoNet / MediaTek and QuantWiFi will continue to work together so that Turk Telekom subscribers enjoy an uninterrupted entertainment and Internet data experience.

About EcoNet

EcoNet, a subsidiary of MediaTek, is a leading company dedicated to developing the chip system (SoC) for xDSL and xPON Ethernet switch solutions. EcoNet offers innovative semiconductor products for leading broadband providers and operators.

About Turk Telekom

Turk Telekom, the largest telecommunications operator in Turkey, provides telecommunications services from PSTN and GSM to broadband Internet in the 81 cities of Turkey.

About QuantWiFi

QuantWiFi, a managed Wi-Fi software expert, provides a remote monitoring and management service for the operator.

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