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US Internet Content & Search Industry To Grow 16% Annually Through 2020

Friday, Oct 21, 2016

Revenues of the US internet content and search (IC&S) industry are forecast to rise 16% annually through 2020. The continued introduction of new businesses, revenue models, and services will drive advances.

Advertising to Remain the Single Largest Source of Revenue
Revenues from advertising, the largest source segment, are projected to expand 15% annually over the same period. Advertisers are expected to continue driving a shift in spending from traditional channels, such as television and print, to web-based channels as consumers increasingly turn to online media sources for various types of content.

These findings are featured in Internet Content & Search: United States, a report recently released by Freedonia Focus Reports, a division of The Freedonia Group.

The full report forecasts US internet content and search industry revenues in US dollars to 2020. Total revenue is segmented by source in terms of:

•    advertising
•    publishing and broadcasting
•    licensing
•    other sources of revenue such as the outright sale of intellectual property and non-IC&S goods or services

Total revenue for 2015 is also segmented by market as follows:

•    institutional
•    consumer

The scope of this report includes business establishments that publish or broadcast content exclusively on the internet. As a result, establishments that publish or broadcast online as well as offline (eg, via cable television, print, or traditional radio) are excluded from this report.

To illustrate historical trends, total revenue and the various source segments are provided in annual series from 2005 to 2015.

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About Freedonia Focus Reports
Each month, The Freedonia Group – a division of – publishes over 20 new or updated Freedonia Focus Reports, providing fresh, unbiased analysis on a wide variety of markets and industries. Published in 20-30 pages, Focus Report coverage ranges from raw materials to finished manufactured goods and related services such as freight and construction. Analysis is intended to guide the busy reader through pertinent topics in rapid succession, including:

•    total historical market size and industry output
•    segmentation by products and markets
•    identification of market drivers, constraints, and key indicators
•    segment-by-segment outlook in five-year forecasts
•    a survey of the supply base
•    suggested resources for further study.

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