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Western Leaf Electronics releases the First Modular and Ultra-Portable EasyShare Device

Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Representatives with Western Leaf Electronics announced today they have officially released a new product called the EasyShare device.

Mark Ataya, CEO and spokesman for Western Leaf, explained that the company’s EasyShare device allows users to take their files anywhere they go.

“Users can work and access files from anywhere, connect to any open network, or simply use a 3G or 4G hotspot,” Ataya pointed out, before adding, “This device is pocket sized and has a tight rubber compartment that gives users the ability to hold money and credit cards, so they don't have to carry a wallet as well.”

EasyShare, according to Ataya, allows users to stream video files to nearby devices, and comes with a network drive that can sync with cloud storage. Users can also take advantage of the device’s mobile screen broadcasting capabilities.

“Users will be able to double the amount of battery power they have,” Ataya said.

Ataya noted that users also have access to the device’s Bluetooth module, which allows them to convert audio and share it with up to 12 devices, such as speakers, headphones, and more.

“Our device also comes with a wireless display, which allows users to send images, audio, and video from their mobile device to a big screen TV using MiraCast technology,” Ataya said. “As for future development, a modular development kit will soon be released so other companies can build on top of our framework for this device.”

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