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ZephyrTel Announces Acquisition of ResponseTek Telecommunications Business

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019

ZephyrTel, an ESW Capital software company dedicated to serving the global telecommunications industry, is pleased to announce that it has adapted ResponseTek's telecommunications business with immediate effect.

The acquisition of ResponseTek is part of ZephyrTel's plan to deliver value to telecommunication companies around the world through strategies that involve the Business Support Systems (BSS) market and the rapid deployment of native solutions in the cloud .

ResponseTek, a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) corporate solutions, promotes revenue growth through effective, easy-to-use, and engaging solutions that provide insights and action on how to retain customers , increase portfolio participation and add new customers. The ResponseTek product, formerly known as the ResponseTek Listening Platform, will be marketed as "ResponseTek for Telco" under the ZephyrTel brand. The platform will be brought to market in the same way as other software products purchased in ZephyrTel's portfolio, such as Mobilogy, PeerApp, VoltDelta, Vasona, NewNet Messaging and NewNet Interact, which are currently sold.

ZephyrTel CEO Mike Shinya commented, "It's a great privilege to add ResponseTek for Telco to our growing cloud product portfolio, further proof of our goal of adding value to telecommunications companies around the world. We want to be a key partner of telecommunications companies in their digital transformation and cloud migration programs as we continue to acquire and develop new solutions that bring efficiency and productivity gains to our customers. "

ResponseTek for Telco integrates customer experience data and company-wide reporting to improve customer satisfaction. As a result, more than 90% of ResponseTek's customers have increased their CEM implementations in multi-channel solutions, achieving results that include:

  • Net Promoter Score average increase of 6.5 points in the first year
  • Annual turnover of between 1% and 5%
  • Feedback response rates of up to 48%
  • 20 times more feedback than traditional search methods
  • Improved customer satisfaction score by up to 25%


ZephyrTel currently serves the telecommunications industry worldwide with software products for retail, infrastructure, mobility, cloud capability and customer experience.

About ResponseTek

ResponseTek, the global leader in action-based Customer Experience Management (CEM) software, connects the voice of more than 720 million customers to the brands that serve them. The award-winning ResponseTek platform collects customer feedback in real-time at every point of contact, spreads this insight across the enterprise with role-based reporting, and triggers action alerts to help save at-risk customers. ResponseTek serves a global customer base with CEM implementations in more than 60 countries around the world.

About ZephyrTel

Launched in early 2018, ZephyrTel has grown rapidly to $ 70 million in revenue in a short space of time. With over 5,000 facilities and 4,000 engineers in more than 50 countries worldwide, the company is now installed in 75% of the leading brands of telecom operators and continually expanding its line of telecommunications products. ZephyrTel currently serves the telecommunications industry worldwide with software products for retail, infrastructure, mobile devices, cloud and customer experience. More information is available at .

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