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ZephyrTel Welcomes Three New Companies to Its Software Product Portfolio Serving the Global Telecommunications Industry

Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018

ZephyrTel, a new ESW software company dedicated to serving the global telecommunications and mobility industry, is pleased to announce that it has acquired three new companies in its portfolio - VoltDelta, PeerApp and Mobilology, immediately made effective.

ZephyrTel is creating an international-class Telecommunication Practice, which provides varied solutions and service proposals to the global telecommunications industry.

The company's goal is to offer software and SaaS solutions through an IT heritage of the telecommunications company; from the infrastructure to the customer experience. This, coupled with its high level of industry expertise, will enable ZephyrTel to offer consulting for business strategy and technology execution.

Having acquired several software and telecommunications companies, ZephyrTel is currently adding them to its portfolio at this rate. Its newly acquired products will be marketed by its already well-known family product names and backed by the ZephyrTel corporate brand. The company's ambition is to form a Software and Telecommunications Group with about $ 1 billion in the medium term.

The software company will use modern software development and performance improvement processes from ESW in order to offer the highest industrial levels of installation stability and throughput. In addition, 24-hour / 7-day-a-week support and comprehensive, high-quality coverage of services will enable ZephyrTel to deliver high levels of business value for technology investment.

The company aims to offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), adding the highest Value to the Customer through its established, "tested and approved" programs.

Mike Shinya, Executive Director of ZephyrTel commented; "We see a great opportunity to serve the global software and telecommunications market from small to large companies." The acquisition of VoltDelta, PeerApp and Mobilogy will strengthen our portfolio, and it is a great privilege to bring these organizations and their customers to the ZephyrTel family. "

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VoltDelta provides contact-focused solutions across a variety of cloud-based and premise-based channels, intelligent automation, and data-driven contact management to optimize customer routing. VoltDelta quickly adjusts and integrates its solutions to enable its customers to increase revenue, drive retention and reduce operational costs, while leveraging proven scalability and reliability advantages. VoltDelta is part of NewNet Communication Technologies. For more information, visit .

About PeerApp Ltd

Founded in 2004, PeerApp provides award-winning caching solutions with open content, including content localization and caching, live digital broadcasting, application and data acceleration, intelligent traffic management, improved experience quality, and congestion relief through of all networks. Local content delivery solutions help operators generate new revenue opportunities. For more information, visit .

About Mobilogy

Mobilogy, formerly Cellebrite Mobile Lifecycle, is a world leader in providing End-User Operators, Resellers and Service Providers (AMS) with advanced lifecycle mobility solutions to increase customer experience, improve satisfaction, reduce costs and generate revenue. With in-store, handset and web-based delivery channels, mobile network resellers can take advantage of Mobilogy's full suite of mobility solutions with diagnostics, content transfer between devices, backup, data recovery and cleaning, automated repurchase of appliances as well as providing applications and content. In addition, Mobilogy offers retailers monitoring, statistics and analysis of all activities. Mobilogy's global leadership is demonstrated by the deployment of more than 150,000 units in more than 200 mobile operators and resellers worldwide, representing more than 100,000 stores and making hundreds of millions of transactions per year. For more information, .

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Mike Shinya 
Executive Director
Martyn Lambert 
Senior Vice President Products & Marketing



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