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Singapore Returns to Ciftpe with Engaging Content for the Chinese Market

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2016

SINGAPORE, Aug. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) is leading 8 Singapore media companies to the China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition (CIFTPE), with more than 140 hours of film and TV content. This marks a 30 percent increase in the number of hours of content from 2015[1]. These film titles and TV content will be showcased at the Singapore Pavilion Booth 12-4, Hall 12, Beijing Exhibition Centre, from 25-27 August 2016.

Singapore media companies look to expand their footprint in Chinese-speaking markets, with exciting content and formats

The Singapore media companies bring with them original and engaging films and TV content across diverse formats, genres and languages. The formats include factual entertainment, web series, and television dramas, while the genres range from family comedies to psychological thrillers and more. Trade visitors can also look forward to content that spans beyond the Chinese language such as titles in English and Malay, which can be potentially readapted for the Chinese market.

Among the Singapore companies are some who are participating in CIFTPE for the first time, such as Shortman Films. They are looking to expand their footprints in Chinese-speaking markets, exploring collaboration opportunities with Chinese talent and partners.

  • Shortman Films is a Singapore company known for producing English and Malay language content. Some of its notable projects include children drama series Kelas 6C, 1985, which was aired on the Disney Channel in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and received positive response in those countries. In addition to promoting Kelas 6C, 1985 at CIFTPE, Shortman is also showcasing projects such as The Chinese American, an action thriller about a Chinese man who begins a new life in a small town, and finds that things there are not so peaceful after all. The Chinese American is a collaboration between Singapore's Shortman and Olando Films and Russian production company Manifest Films, and Shortman is looking to feature multi-national leads from the US, China and more. At CIFTPE, Shortman hopes to interest Chinese investors in its stable of content that spans genres that are popular worldwide like action and comedy.
  • The film Changfeng Town is set in an inconspicuous little town at the corner of China. The film is divided into seven chapters, each seemingly connected, intertwining and reflecting one another. It tells the vivid stories of the townspeople, each of them with their own eccentricities. It is directed by Chinese director Wang Jing and is a co-production by Beijing Converging Lights Cultural Co. Ltd and Singapore's Wormwood FilmsIt was also the official selection at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion in 2015 and recently received the Busan International Film Festival's Asian Cinema Fund for Script Development.
  • A breakthrough web drama from Singapore to look out for is the Chinese language psychological thriller Trapped Minds, which recently premiered on Singapore's leading OTT platform, Toggle. It tells the daring story of a man who has grown tired of his marriage, and decides to murder his wife. When she escapes from the killer he has hired, he must scramble to tie up loose ends. A series unlike any other, Trapped Minds, is full of suspense and shocking plot twists. It is produced by Reta Transmedia, a transmedia company. After achieving a successful release on Toggle, Trapped Minds is looking for distribution outside of Singapore. The cinematic four-part mini-series features Singapore actors Ann Kok, Andie Chen, and Zhu Hou Ren, as well as Taiwan's Chris Lee.
  • Following the family comedy, Wayang Boy (2014), about a boy from India stumbling upon Beijing Opera as an art form, Brainchild Pictures returns with upcoming film The Wayang Kids. The Wayang Kids continues to spotlight the traditional Chinese art form of Beijing Opera with actors from diverse cultural backgrounds, while focusing on the universal themes of family and friendship. In the film, an unlikely friendship forms when a Eurasian girl from China enrols into a primary school in Singapore and befriends an autistic boy. They represent their school in an international Beijing Opera competition and overcome cultural and language barriers along the way. The film stars TV presenter Christopher Downs of Chinese reality TV show Dad, where are we going? fame and Singapore's Jocie Kok, among other actors.

Other highlights from the Singapore showcase

Other Singapore content highlights include Mediacorp TV Singapore's The Dream Job and WaWa Pictures' Fire Up.

  • Is there really such a thing as the perfect job? Mediacorp TV Singapore's hit drama series of 2016 The Dream Job explores just that. A rich man advertises for three exceptional job positions that come with high salaries, expensive cars and a mansion to stay in. All the successful applicants have to do is to act as his children and help him out in his business. The Dream Job boasts a star-studded cast that includes veteran actor Hugo Ng, as well as Singapore's Jeanette Aw, Zhang Zhen Huan, Romeo Tan, Ian Fang and more. The drama has been sold to Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as both cable and free-to-air platforms in Malaysia. Media and trade visitors will get to meet Zhang Zhen Huan, Ian Fang and Romeo Tan at The Dream Job press conference on 25 August, Thursday, 11am-12pm, and hear more about the drama series from them then. 
  • Fire Up is an uplifting drama that tugs the heart strings. With food as a sub-theme, it hopes to whet the appetite of the audiences with inspiring stories. The drama is fronted by consummate Singapore actors Huang Biren and Thomas Ong. The onscreen couple play the respective roles of a down-and-out female ex-convict and suave, eligible bachelor, who fall in love against the odds. Together they set up a food shop to help ex-convicts who aspire to turn over a new leaf, to re-integrate back to the society. Fire Up is produced by WaWa Pictures.

Networking opportunities with Singapore companies

  • Delegates will have the opportunity to meet with various Singapore media companies and professionals during the Singapore Party networking lunch at the Singapore Pavilion on 25 August, Thursday, 12pm.
  • For the full list of Singapore companies participating at CIFTPE, please refer to Annex A.


Singapore companies promoted about 97 hours of content at CIFTPE 2015.

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Annex A

Singapore companies participating at CIFTPE 2016





Bomanbridge Media Pte Ltd


Aegena Tay


Brainchild Pictures Pte Ltd


Raymond Tan


Liang Li Media


Liang Ni


MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd


Grace Chia


Reta Pte Ltd


Lucas Chiam


Shortman Films Pte Ltd


Shafie Mustafa


WaWa Pictures Pte Ltd


Vanda Tan


Wormwood Films Pte Ltd


Tay Bee Pin


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