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Fido Cable launches with a nationwide DSL and Cable Broadband offering

Friday, Sep 09, 2016

COLUMBIA, S.C., Sept. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sky Play, LLC. a leading provider of consumer Internet and media services, today announced that it has launched Fido Cable, which will offer national DSL, and Broadband services nationwide. In addition, Fido Cable will offer TV services in select areas throughout the US. Fido Cable will resell services under its brand utilizing the networks of the top cable internet and tv providers in the US.


"We believe that people deserve to select which Internet company they would like to utilize as opposed to being stuck with one or two options of service from companies who constantly raise their rates and offer no thought of the customer they service. We will offer products that makes since without the pricing gauntlet," said David Wheeler  Vice President of Sky Play. "Fido Cable is available to everyone in every major city and surrounding cities throughout the US ."

Fido Cable will initially launch with nationwide DSL and Cable broadband services, and within the next 3 months, Fido Cable will roll out digital phone, TV and mobile internet services. 

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