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New Health Show Promises to Be HIP, Healthy and Inspiring

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016

BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Most reality shows aren't real. More importantly they don't serve the greater good other than provide entertainment value. Doctor Robert Streisfeld aka "Doc Rob" has created a show called "For the HIP."  HIP is an acronym for Health Inspired Person. That's who Doc Rob is. Inspired by good health and health practices, he's a genuine and humble voice promoting better living. Streisfeld has recently launched crowdfunding efforts with Indiegogo ( to raise money to produce a pilot episode of his show, FOR THE HIP.

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Doc Rob serves as host and "your concierge to better living," as he presents a real, raw, inside look at healthier lifestyles from a young, hip perspective. FOR THE HIP will have content to help educate a wide audience and is geared towards a pro-active approach to health. The primary goal is to assist today's health conscious person by helping them choose better options for themselves and their loved ones.

This show is not simply about diseases, but about improving the quality of life using a variety of traditional and holistic approaches. Get ready for some cool lifestyle "hacks" and lots of useful "H.I.P. Tips" too!

Doc Rob will travel around the country, as he has for the past fifteen years, having candid conversations with some of today's foremost "Health Inspired People." Special guests include chefs to health practitioners, Rock Stars to "Doc Stars" and everyday health inspired people.

The vibe of the show is edgy, sexy, and modern.

"Young people especially are looking for information," says Doc Rob. "They recognize the importance of self-care and I know the content in this show will be both helpful and inspiring."

"I'm excited to be partnering with Doc Rob," says Eric Kline of Eric Kline Productions, who developed the show with him.  "He has a unique mix of charisma, intellect and style that will appeal to the masses."  Kline, who has produced television programming for twenty-five years, will serve as the show's principal producer.

Later this year, Kline and Doc Rob will shoot the pilot episode on location at a health inspired city and will explore various locales such as wellness centers, natural product/food manufacturers, conventions, restaurants, spas, music festivals, and more.

They have partnered with Indiegogo to raise funds to bring "For the HIP" out of the concept phase and into reality. A variety of Perks have been offered ranging from Doc Rob's book "A Healthier Ever After," a consultation with Doc Rob, a mystery basket of health inspired products to an opportunity to be on the show.

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