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Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness: Infamous Pac Man Talks with Podcast Host About Rumors & Lies from the Pacific

Friday, Sep 23, 2016

MADRID, Sept. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The heat is definitely on after the second part of New World Order Politics web broadcast released the second part of the exclusive talk-all interview with the notorious super PAC man Cary Lee Peterson, an American lobby solicitor who previously operated an unofficial political organization that supported the former U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Since last week the politically charged webcast has amassed over twenty thousand viewers while discussing with Peterson everything from his current legal issues in New Jersey related to a 2012 penny stock company that went belly up in 2013, his diplomatic ties around the world, the alleged media attack by 'media punks' from Capitol Hill, a defaming cover article by a news publisher on Pohnpei Island in efforts to foil the opening of a new community and development bank in Micronesia, and a [possible] long-lost cousin in Micronesia with a mysterious past.

New World Order Politics plans to air remainder of the pre-recorded interview with Cary Peterson over the next week. The future releases of the interview series will include talks about Peterson's short-lived business relationship with a New Jersey securities attorney (former legal counsel for RVPlus) who was recently charged with stock fraud by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, in addition to how Peterson came into contact with the man we know on the silver screen as James Bond, and how he currently feels about Bernie Sanders (a politician Peterson previously supported) and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the final contenders of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race. In other words- stay tuned.

New World Order Politics is a webcast that focuses on global political issues that raise the unquestionable and ignored topics that many believe to be conspiracies or cover-ups generated by the evolution for new world order and those trying to stop it.

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