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Firms Promote K-Beauty With Video Commerce

Monday, Oct 24, 2016

More businesses in the beauty industry have shown interest in video commerce to promote their products using online platforms.

Video commerce means promoting, selling and supporting commercial products or services through video streaming platforms.

Consumers can feel like they are using those products, as celebrities share their experiences through videos.

Retailers have paid attention to video commerce earlier, which enables consumers to purchase the introduced items, while watching the video at the same time.

They want to expand their businesses with video commerce, amid the rapid growth of mobile shopping and the decline of TV home shopping channels.

Recently, cosmetics and fashion businesses are using video commerce, affiliating with online shopping malls.

SK Planet sold AmorePacific's hair cosmetics brand Mise-en-Scene products, which have been introduced in "31 Salon" broadcasted on Youtube, at its online mall 11st between Thursday and Sunday.

"A beauty video enables consumers to check the quality and details of cosmetics," an SK Planet official said. "More consumers are purchasing products, while watching videos with their smartphones."

SK Planet broadcasted a mobile video in March as well, which showed beauty experts comparing several cosmetics. More than 380,000 users visited the website to watch the video.

KT's "dovido," which was launched in August this year, also promotes K-beauty products, introducing Korean cosmetics via online videos.

The company aims to expand toward Chinese markets with K-beauty content broadcast on its platform.

In June, the Korea International Trade Association held a conference on international marketing through video commerce.

Korean firms, including Naver, Kakao, SKT and CJ E&M, and overseas retailers such as Alibaba, Amazon and Facebook, are seeking to begin video commerce, according to a report after the conference.


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