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24 Media Fusion (P) Ltd.

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About24 Media Fusion (P) Ltd.

24 Media Fusion (P) Ltd (24MF) established with the aim of offering comprehensive & streamlined approach to media needs of their clients with united disciplines of design, animation and video production along with their collective talents. This approach led to the growth and expansion of 24MF which in turn resulted in staff expansion that aided in utilization of new capabilities to cater their services in new fields. It specialized in providing wide range of services to its customers like global media solutions, TV & radio production, DVD/CD replication & packaging, animation & visual effects and translation services. Its experienced team use latest technologies to provide cutting-edge services to its customers and currently set to become world leader by fusion of animation, video and web together.


Animation & Visual Effects



Animation & Visual Effects refers to usage of wide spectrum of special effects like 3D modelling and animation, texture and lighting, digital film and video effects, creating graphics etc. Animation & visual effects enhances value of films or videos. 24MF specialized in providing animation and visual effects. Its animation & visual effects boost production value of clients’ projects. Animation & visual effects are designed with application of computer generated imagery for creating realistic environments, characters or events that would be highly dangerous, costly or impossible to capture on films/videos. Expert animation & visual effects designers are capable of filming on green screen that aid in creating breath taking live action effects, transport actors to exotic locales or other planets etc. It provides animation & visual effects as desired by the clients. Its animation & visual effects are known for their quality that enables the customers to choose 24MF as their service provider. Its animation & visual effects are available at reasonable rates.



Global Media Solutions



Global Media Solutions refers to wide range of solutions provided globally through media. Global media solutions aid in the provision of answers to various problems faced by the clients. Global media solutions can be provided with the help of digital, computerized or networked information and communication technologies. 24MF is leading global media solutions provider. It provides innovative global media solutions to public and private sector clients throughout the world. With the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in its art studio, it provides unmatched global media solutions. Its global media solutions depend upon the industry requirements and clients’ specifications. Its experienced team of videographers, producers, script writers, translators and web experts can meet its clients’ requirements with its global media solutions. Its global media solutions are offered at competitive prices.



TV & Radio Production



TV & Radio production has brought revolutions in the media with its programs that are educative, informative and entertaining. 24MF is the perfect source for TV & Radio production. It specialized in TV & radio production. Its TV & Radio production services have stayed true to its goal of making interesting and worthwhile programs. Its TV & radio production programs are of various categories. Its TV production includes quality television content in the form of interesting and worthwhile videos which has been broadcasted in leading satellite channels. Its Radio production includes variety of programs including audio jingles, features, public interest shows, interviews, lifestyle features and cultural events. It offers TV & Radio production programs at lowest prices.



Translation Services



Translation Services refers to expression of text or material into desired languages that can reach wider section of people. As the world is getting smaller through access to the emerging technologies like internet, media, telephones etc., translation services help in offering the material to the target audience in their native languages. Thus translation services are becoming popular day by day. 24MF excels in the provision of translation services. It provides translation services to clients’ web sites, training materials, brochures, technical writing, magazines, movies and television programs. It offers wide range of translation services. Its translation services include transcripts, dubbing, narration, manuals, marketing and technical literature etc. These translation services are offered to and from English in all national and international languages. It facilitates translation services to its customers at highly affordable prices.



DVD/CD Replication & Packaging



DVD/CD Replication & Packaging aids in meeting the demands of professional quality video/audio and interactive multimedia. DVD/CD Replication & Packaging provides us with unmatched image/audio quality, enormous storage potential, optical disc durability, simplicity and speed. 24MF leads in providing DVD/CD Replication & Packaging. Its DVD/CD Replication & Packaging are perfect solution for DVD/CD authoring content and production firms that wish to optimize their use in many applications. 24MF offers DVD/CD Replication & Packaging services at nominal prices.