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Amplus Communication Pte. Ltd.

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AboutAmplus Communication Pte. Ltd.

Amplus Communication Pte. Ltd. (Amplus), established in 1999, is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified company specializing in RF product design & development (R&D), technology application, telecommunication system integration and contract manufacturing services.





Amplus is ranked among the most reliable providers of VSAT range of products. In the VSAT product range, Amplus offers a comprehensive range of power levels for all BUC & Transceiver. Amplus serves as a one stop centre for VSAT product range. These VSAT systems can be configured for any voice, data, fax, video and internet or broadband application. The VSAT product range offered by Amplus is distinguished by innovative designs and simplicity of operation. In the VSAT product range, Amplus offers the 2W-200W Outdoor C-Band Transceiver (70MHz), 2W-16W Ku. In this VSAT product range the 70MHz L-Band Converter comes with cabling and other accessories to ensure maximum safety and reliability. With supreme quality and reliability of this VSAT product range, Amplus has emerged as a key player in the global market.






Amplus is listed among the leading and reliable providers of transceivers. Amplus ensures to offer transceivers of superior quality. The Amplus transceiver series is designed to withstand high surge voltages. The design of this transceiver range also facilitates quick and easy installation. The AM944X transceiver offered by Amplus is an ideal choice for any VSAT application.






The Amplus AM933X series of BUC offers a wide variety of choices to configure uplink terminals in single or redundant configuration. AM933x BUC is a cost effective and high performance transmitter, proven under harsh environmental conditions. The Amplus BUC comes with an added feature of automatic shutdown upon failure. The Am933x BUC finds application in areas including wide area telephony, video conferencing, private data network and SCPC, DAMA, TDMA networks.






Amplus is specialized provider of the Ku/C Band PLL/DRO LNB/LNA. It provides highly reliable AM2210 series C Band & Ku Band LNA & LNB. This series of LNA & LNB comes with a feature of excellent noise temperature ratings. In addition the AM2210 LNA & LNB series come with the advantage of high frequency stability and excellent gain. With simple installation and trouble free maintenance, the AM2210 series LNA & LNB are cost effective. The AM2210 series LNA & LNB are offered at competitive prices to their valued customers. The Amplus C/Ku Band LNA/LNB series is applicable to areas like wide area telephony, video conferencing, private data network and broadcasting. The functional and technical specifications coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Amplus an ideal choice for the Ku/C Band LNA/LNB.



L-Band Converter:



Amplus represents the best and most reliable providers of L-Band Converter series. The quality of this L-Band Converter series is in accordance with the international standards. The AM-9220 series 70MHz to L-Band Converter translate the 70MHz IF signal to a user selected frequency. With simple installation and trouble free maintenance, the Amplus L-Band Converter series has proved to be cost effective. The Amplus L-Band Converter series come with an added feature of LCD/LED display with backlight which provides visual indication of the unit’s status. The AM9220 series 70MHz to L-Band Converter enables existing 70MHz interface to work with BUC and LNB. Amplus offers these superior quality L-Band Converter series at most competitive prices and hence attracts many clients globally.






Amplus SSPA are very reliable; where they are being used with transceivers as a booster for the satellite hub station communication. All the SSPA are based on GaAs technology and with this technology Amplus can reach up to 400Watt of C band SSPA and 100Watt Ku band SSPA.



Amplus SSPAs are outdoor units and they can withstand the harsh environmental conditions. The high power SSPA provides better linearity over TWTA technology which not only helps the reduction in size of equipment while it can carry more data with complex modulation schemes.