Padmavahini Transformers Pvt. Ltd.

Padmavahini Transformers Pvt. Ltd.

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AboutPadmavahini Transformers Pvt. Ltd.

Padmavahini Transformers Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company based at Coimbatore, engaged in designing and manufacturing of electrical transformers like Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Furnace Transformers, Open Delta Transformers, and Custom Built Transformers.

Power Transformers

A transformer is a passive electrical device which transfers energy from one AC system to another. Power Transformers are designed to change voltage from one level to another by means of magnetic induction. Power transformers are capable of accepting energy at one voltage and delivering it at another voltage. Power Transformers allow electrical energy to be generated at relatively low voltages and transmits at high voltages and low currents. Power Transformers minimizes line losses. Power Transformers are fit enough for using at safe voltages. Padmavahini manufactures Power Transformers up to 15 MVA capacities. Padmavahini produces Power Transformers at the maximum voltage level of 66 KV for the frequency level according to the standards. These power transformers offered by Padmavahini are at affordable prices.

Distribution Transformers

A distribution transformer is an electrical transformer used to carry electrical energy from a primary distribution circuit to a secondary distribution circuit. In this Distribution Transformers the amount of voltage keeps on changing. Distribution transformers can be single-phase or three-phase. Usually, these distribution transformers of single-phase are used in residential applications. These Distribution Transformers are used in telecommunications. These Distribution Transformers are used in Data processing equipment. These Distribution Transformers are also used in transmission lines, Radar systems, and Photocopying machines. Padmavahini offers these Distribution Transformers at affordable prices.

Furnace Transformers

Furnace transformers provide suitable voltage to match heating element requirements. High frequency furnace transformers can be used for induction heating applications. Padmavahini manufactures array of furnace transformers for all kinds of machinery. All these furnace transformers are custom designed and conform with customers specifications. All these furnace transformers designed with furnace duty for necessary arrangements to suppress harmonics. These furnace transformers are designed according to the standards. Padmavahini offers high quality furnace transformers to its clients. These furnace transformers offered by Padmavahini are at affordable prices.

Open Delta Transformers

Open delta transformers has a 3 Phase input and 2 phase output. Padmavahini has a wide range of open delta transformers. Padmavahini can customize the open delta transformers according to the specifications of its clients. These open delta transformers made by padmavhini transformers meets international standards. It offers these open delta transformers at affordable prices for its clients. Using cutting edge technology and superior grade raw materials the open delta transformers become durable. Padmavahini manufactures a wide range of open delta transformers which provides effective services to clients.

Custom Built Transformers

Custom built transformers are used in varied type of industries. Industries can use custom built transformers for supplying power from an alternating current power grid to equipment. We also offer customized custom built transformers for specific requirements. Custom built transformers are usually built with some standardized ferrite core sizes with or without bobbins. If a custom built transformer is for radio frequency application, it is usually designed and built with toroidal core for high frequency operations. Padmavahini manufactures a wide range of custom built transformers. Padmavahini offers all these custom built transformers at affordable prices. These custom built transformers are customized as per the specifications of clients.