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AboutRelemac Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Relemac is a world-renowned name in design and manufacture of high-performance, high-bandwidth cables and wires for telecommunications. They are the world's largest manufacturers of Co-axial cable, Telephone Cable, instrumentation cables, control cables, thermocouple extension cable, Multi Core Cable, lan cable Computer/Shielded Cable, Telecommunication Cable, power cables, pcm cables, special application cables etc.


An ISO 9001 company, Relemac is country's finest source for a phenomenal range of technologically advanced specialty cables. All the products are developed to international standards and customized to provide need-based solutions for blue-chip organizations at home and abroad.



Coaxial Cable



Relemac offers a wide range of coaxial cable of superior quality. The selection of material used in the manufacturing of these coaxial cables is such as to ensure high quality and durability of the product. The standard materials used for the manufacturing of coaxial cables include pure copper, polyaluminium tape, Aluminum alloy wires and a long lasting UV resistant PVC compound. Relemac coaxial cables have the central conductor made of solid stranded bare electrolytic grade 99.97% pure copper and the secondary conductor is specially designed with polyaluminium tape. Aluminum alloy wires with high tensile strength are used in the manufacturing of these coaxial cables which ensures maximum resistance to adverse conditions. Long lasting UV resistant compounds are used so as to ensure increased longevity of these coaxial cables. Customers can find the coaxial cable with specifications of their choice. The wide range of coaxial cables coupled with exceptional functional and technical specifications make Relemac an obvious choice.



Lan Cable



Relemac is listed among the highly reputed manufacturers of Lan cables. Lan cables are cables that lead from your computer to your GPS device. These lan cables tend to use the newer USB or the older serial protocol. Relemac offers different types of lan cables as per the specified requirements. Superior quality of raw materials is used for the manufacturing of lan cable ensuring its durability and longevity. These lan cables are designed so as to ensure high-speed and high performance. The lan cables offered by Relemac are thus of excellent quality and ensures resistivity to reasonably maximum strain power. The unmatched quality and unbeatable performance in the respective applications has attracted various clients to opt for Relemac’s lan cable.



Instrumentation Cable



Relemac offers superior quality and highly reliable instrumentation cable. The selection of materials used in the manufacturing of the instrumentation cable is of optimum quality that ensures high durability and resistivity to various corrosive conditions. This instrumentation cable is designed as per the requirement of specifications taking into account the additional feature requirements of the customers. Relemac instrumentation cables are subjected to a series of required tests in well-equipped laboratory, besides the rigid tests and checks at every stage from raw material through manufacturing stages and finally up to the finished product. These instrumentation cables use annealed bare/uniform coated with Tinned/Silver Platted, High Conductivity, and Electrolytic Grade Solid/Stranded/Flexible Conductor which is highly insulated. The usage of such high capacity conductors ensures the effective functionality and durability of these instrumentation cables. Relemec instrumentation cable is applicable For Connection of Instruments, Process Control Systems, Computers, and Data Transmission etc. Relemac holds dexterity to offer the instrumentation cable range as per clients' demands.



Pcm Cable



Relemac is considered as one of the most reliable pcm cable providers. The selection of raw material in the manufacturing of these pcm cables is such as to endure its durability. Raw materials required in the manufacturing of pcm cable are procured from approved vendors and are put through series of tests starting right from the vendors end. The pcm cable is designed with specifications that ensure high quality, reliability and longevity. Some of the distinguished features of these pcm cables include Solid round copper conductor, polythene insulated telecom cable usable for 2 Mb/digital System etc. This pcm cable is intended as a transmission medium for carrying 2 Mb/s digital signals. The customers are facilitated with the timey delivery of these pcm cables. The exceptional functional and technical specifications of pcm cables make Relemac an obvious choice.



Telecommunication Cable



Relemac provides a superior quality and highly reliable telecommunication Cable. Superior quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of telecommunication cables which ensure increased durability and longevity. Some of the materials used in the manufacturing of telecommunication cables are high conductivity copper, insulated cores, Aluminum-Mylar tape etc. These telecommunication cables are designed at standard specifications as per the requirement. The telecommunication cables manufactured by Relemac are suitable for operation at voltage of 250 Volts. The telecommunication cables suitable for conductor operating at various temperatures are provided on request. Relemac telecommunication cables come with some special features such as Fire Retardant/Fire Retardant Low Smoke/Zero Halogen Low Smoke & Sheath material which are supplied to the clients on request. The Relemac telecommunication cables can be availed in required specifications and dimensions to meet the demands of clients.