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White Papers

Broadcast Technology white papers on contemporary issues, technologies, research, etc. are presented in this section to enable the readers with rich information and knowledge. This section provides white papers related to all the spheres of the Broadcast Technology.

Virtual Antenna Technology: The Flexible and Off-the-Shelf Mobile Antenna Solution

Finally, One Size Fits All

The fast pace, ever changing evolution of the wireless industry puts an enormous time-to-market pressure on the engineering of every new mobile device. Being in the heart of every mobile product, the design of the RF front-end and in particular, the antenna, becomes specially cumbersome as every product currently requires a fully customized antenna.

ISO 9001 : 2000

Trestar Elektroniks

Intercom over IP The Communications Engineer‘s Guide to Integrate IP into Comms

Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG

Convergence is one of the biggest topics in multimedia applications. Moving from analog production to a fully integrated digital production environment was the task in the 90s. The new century moves convergence even further to combine digitally integrated production facilities with seamless networking systems. This degree of integration is quite new to our industry and presents a challenge not only for the management of such complex interacting systems, but also for staff members having to cope with a fundamental change in production paradigms.

Interfacing of Artist to Telex/RTS ADAM

Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG

The Riedel Artist system can be interfaced to the Telex/RTS ADAM system in a manner that provides both logically passive four wire conference group connections and active logic point to point connections with panel key tally

In a typical interface situation a combination of conference line and point to point connections is used to connect two independent systems together such as when two video trucks are used at the same venue.
Typical conference lines used are Production, Cameras, Engineering, and Audio. More or less may often be used. Interconnecting these is straight forward and requires only cross-connecting the audio between 4 wire utility ports within each system. The only issues to be considered are level matching and potential ground loops. Both of these potential issues are easily solved as most modern systems have built in transformers and level adjust capabilities. This is true of the Riedel Artist and the RTS ADAM systems.

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