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AboutTrestar Elektroniks

Trestar Elektroniks, A reliable & friendly source for- PTFE Insulated Equipments wires, PTFE Multi-Core Cables, PTFE Sleeves & Tubes, PTFE Double Shielded & Triaxial Cables, PTFE High-Voltage Corona- Resistance Wires, PTFE Tape & Films & PTFE Under-floor Heating cables etc.


Trestar Elektroniks, an ISO 9001-2000 firm, established in the year 1987, is the manufacturer and exporter of PTFE Insulated wires, PTFE Multi-Core Cables, PTFE Sleeves & Tubes, PTFE Double Shielded & Triaxial Cables, PTFE HV Corona-Resistance Wires, Under-floor Heating cables to meet the specific requirements of the Defence, Telecom, Aerospace and Instrumentation industries and Comfort-heating of homes.



PTFE Insulated Equipment Wire



PTFE Insulated Equipment Wires are intended for use in Electrical & Electronic Equipments, likely working under extremely demanding conditions. PTFE Insulated Wires have advantage of thermal stability from – 65 degree C to + 250 degree C and are smaller in size & hence lighter in weight, widely used in communication-equipments, Radars, Electro-mechanical applications, Satellites, Aerospace, Naval & Marine applications, Meteorological, Nuclear- Reactors and Process control etc.



PTFE Multi - Core Cables



Multicore cables with twisted pairs (as per relevant JSS or as per customer’s specifications) are available with or without shielding & with PTFE jacket, up to overall dia of 20 mm. These PTFE Multi-Core Cables are resistant to UV radiation & water absorption. The other salient feature of these cables are wide Temperature range from- 65 degree C to + 250 degree C, High Dielectric-Strength, unaffected by soldering temperature, High flex- Life etc.



PTFE Double Shielded & Triaxial Cables



PTFE Double Shielded & Triaxial Cables are manufactured as per customer’s specification and are used for very low levels of signal leakage. These are provided with PTFE of PVC jacket depending upon attenuation stability & operating frequency requirements. They offer these PTFE Double Shielded & Triaxial Cables at most economical prices.



PTFE High Voltage Corona Resistance Wires



The PTFE High Voltage Corona Resistance Wires with improved high voltage performance & significantly reduced radial- thickness of Corona- Resistant PTFE insulation from 5 KV DC to 50 KVDC  (2 KV AC- 25 KV AC). Available in solid colours, plain or screened, with or without additional protective covering of Mylar and Varnished Fiber- Glass/ wire-metal-braid. They can customize as per specifications of the client.



PTFE Sleeves & Tubes



Trestar offer a diverse range of PTFE sleeves & Tubes to its clients. These PTFE Sleeves are used in various applications like Communication & Control Instrumentation, Military Electronics for carrying Corrosive Chemicals, Pen Recorder Ink- capillaries. These PTFE Sleeves & Tubes are Resistant to UV radiation & Water Absorption. Smooth -internals allow closer fit. They customize these PTFE Sleeves & Tubes as per the specifications of the clients.



PTFE Under- Floor Heating wires



For on demand Floor Heating/ Flash/ Heating of Ambience of Interiors. These are most suitable for Under- Tile and Under-Carpet Heating. These heating wires incorporate Alloy resistance - wire designed for Long- life stability at the required temperature and is normally in Multistrands. PTFE Insulations over these resistance wires provide maximum insulation durability for long life and safe operation. These Heating Cables can be designed to suit the prescribed working voltage & maximum spot temperature of 260 degree C and the required watt/ sq. m or linear watt/ m. They are provided with Copper or S.S wire Braided Earth Screen for maximum safety and toughness. Trestar also provides matching Cold-Tails with highly reliable PTFE Insulation. These Heating Cables are available for single- wire & double wire systems.